The hCG Diet is Dangerous, Stupid and Bound to Fail

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Welcome to! We are the web's oldest hcg debunking site and we are still going strong. Stronger than ever in fact. Why is that? Because even though the FDA has declared homeopathic hcg illegal, charlatans around the country are still selling it to people. And of course prescription hCG, the non-homeopathic stuff, is unaffected by FDA's actions and is still being injected into people by unscrupulous health care "professionals".

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hCG for Weight Loss: Pure B.S

hCH is not efficacious for weight loss. This is a simple fact borne out by about a dozen major clinical studies and controverted by none. There is little reason to belabor this point.

The interesting question about hCG is not whether it works but why so many people seem to believe that it works. The reasons are interesting.

Faulty Logic

People believe that hCG is efficacious because it appears to be effective. They think that the proof is in the proverbial pudding. The ‘logic’ is something like this: “I took hCG and I lost weight. Therefore hCG must work.”

This sort of reasoning is stupid. The truer statement might be this: “I took hCG,  I ate 500 calories per day and I wanted very much to believe that I had found a miracle….” In other words, there is a lot more at work in hCG fraud than just hCG. In fact, the hCG isn’t working at all. What’s working is starvation and desperation. People lose weight because they aren’t eating and they sustain the fast because they want to believe that the hCG is miraculously suppressing hunger. It isn’t. Ketosis is suppressing hunger just like it does on ANY 500 calorie diet. hCG is just pure witch-doctoring. It’s bullshit.

Here is an example of similar faulty thinking. I had a friend who swore that Coke from a glass bottle tasted different than Coke from a plastic bottle. So I prepared a test by filling five of ten cups with glass-bottled coke and the other five with Coke from a plastic bottle. I marked them with a code and asked him to attempt to identify the glass and plastic cokes. He couldn’t do it because, of course, the two products are identical. “Well it sure seemed like they were different” he muttered.

Of course it did you ding-dong! They seemed to taste different because you convinced yourself that they did without ever once bothering  to use even an ounce of science to learn the truth.

Same for hCG you blithering idiots! It seems to work because you believe that it does. But guess what? It doesn’t. You’d get the same effect if you were injected with water or hedgehog piss. Don’t believe it? READ THE SCIENCE!


If FDA has Proven that HCG doesn't work, why do they still allow it to be sold?

 Let's be clear: HCG doesn't work for weight control---not at all. But, HCG has very legitimate uses in the treatment of infertility. That is what the stuff is made for and that's why it's sold. The FDA has many times stated that it does not approve HCG for weight control. The manufacturers of HCG explicitly state that it does not work for weight control.

 Is HCG a prescription drug?

 Yes. Legally, HCG can only obtained, administered, prescribed by and dispensed by licensed health care professionals.

 Why then are so many un-licensed quacks shooting people up with hcg?

 Because nobody is stopping them and they are making money.

 Why would a doctor or Nurse Practitioner EVER prescribe HCG for weight loss?

There can only be two reasons: Greed or stupidity. Either the person is a money-grubbing liar or too
stupid to understand the most basic principles of science. Do you want either sort of person injecting

 If HCG is so bogus, why do people who get injected with it seem to lose weight?

 Because they are ALSO on a very low calorie diet (usually 500 calories per day). Anyone would lose weight eating only 500 calories per day. The shot of HCG is pure fakery. Also, there is a strong placebo effect associated with painful injections.

But the bottom line is this: When you take a group of overweight people, randomly divide them into two
groups, give one group of shot of colored water every day and the other a shot of HCG every day
for many many months, the group getting the colored water loses no more or less weight than the group getting the real HCG. This is what is called a "placebo controlled clinical trial" and scores of them have been done with HCG and every single one show NO EFFECT. NONE.

 Furthermore not one single major clinical study has EVER shown HCG to work, even in the slightest, for weight control. Not one.

So that means I could lose equally fast just sticking to 500 calories per day and skipping the HCG?

 Yes, but don't try it. 500 calorie-per-day diets can be deadly and the weight always comes back

So the bottom line is that the practice of using hcg for weight loss is pure bullshit?

 Yep. HCG weight loss is 100% pure bullshit.

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