hCG Bullshit World Exclusive Interview With Dr. Pisswater

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The following is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Dr. S. Adam Pisswater, hCG doctor and international sex criminal.

Q: Doctor: how did you get started in the hCG scam?

A: I like injecting fat women with liquid. It came easily to me.

Q Ehem...yes, well, doctor did you know at the time that hCG was a pure fraud?

A: Do I look like I was dropped on my head as a child?

Q: No comment. 

A: Of course I knew that hCG was fraudulent. But why not? I mean if someone came out with a study showing that dog semen caused weight loss, half the women in this country would have fleas in their mouths.

Q: Ehem, yes, so moving along, are you upset that the FDA has declared homeopathic hCG illegal?

A: Not at all. It had nothing in it anyway. You might as well just inject these floozies with water. In fact, I often did. Same difference.

Q Now that the hCG fraud has been revealed and doctors like you can't keep selling it, what next? What will your next scam be?

A: I was thinking of being Sarah Palin.

Q: Excuse me?

A: Sorry...I meant "doing". Doing Sarah.

Q: Is there money in that?

A: Ask Todd.

Q: Ba da bing there Doc. 

A: Thank you. 

To be continued...